Minor Outdoor Fire at Amazon Warehouse in Clay

Submitted by Benjamin Townsend on Thu, 03/23/2023 - 08:06 PM

Firefighters from the Moyers Corners Fire Department responded to a report of an outdoor fire at the Amazon Warehouse on Morgan Rd in Clay, NY on Tuesday morning. The fire was reported to be behind the building in a cardboard compactor.

Upon arrival, the fire department quickly extinguished the fire. However, firefighters on the scene reported heavy smoke in the area as a result of the fire. Several trucks parked in the area had to be moved in order to access the compactor. Firefighters on scene reported issues with one of the fire hydrants in the area, despite the recent construction of the facility.

Despite the heavy smoke, the fire did not spread to anything outside of the compactor, thanks to the quick response of the fire department. There were no injuries reported as a result of the fire.

The Amazon Warehouse on Morgan Rd in Clay, NY is a large facility that serves as a distribution center for the company. The warehouse employs hundreds of workers and processes thousands of packages each day.


Update: 8:35 PM: Moyers Corners Fire is still on scene fighting the fire, reported that the sprinkler system has engaged.


Update 9:25: Operations at the fire at the Amazon Warehouse in Clay are still ongoing. Reports from the scene sound like the situation is under control and fire personnel are ensuring the cardboard in the compactor does not re-ignite.


Update: 9:55 PM: Moyers Corners units are clearing from the scene and returning to their station.


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