Police Officers Shot in Salina

Submitted by Benjamin Townsend on Sun, 04/14/2024 - 11:30 PM

In a developing story from Salina, NY, emergency services, including the Syracuse Police Department (SPD), Onondaga County Sheriff's Office (OCSO), Liverpool Fire Department, and Navac Ambulance, have been dispatched to the intersection of Darien Dr. and Driftwood Dr. following reports of an active shooter situation.

Early information indicates that at least two police officers have been shot and are currently being transported to Upstate University Hospital. A command center has been established to coordinate the ongoing response, and authorities are urging local residents to shelter in place as the situation remains active.

The residence from which shots were reportedly fired is now surrounded by teams from both the Sheriff's Office and Syracuse PD. Additional calls for sniper support have been heard over police radios, indicating the seriousness of the response. According to sources, up to three officers and one civilian may have been injured in the incident.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is on the scene, assisting with the coordination of a large-scale response that includes six ambulances, the full deployment of the Liverpool Fire Department, and both Bearcat armored vehicles.

Residents of the area are advised to stay indoors and avoid windows as the situation continues to unfold. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Please follow local advisories and law enforcement instructions during this critical incident.

Update on Salina Shooting Incident:

Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley has provided critical updates regarding the shooting incident at the intersection of Darien Drive and Driftwood Drive in Salina, NY. According to Sheriff Shelley, the situation began as a stolen vehicle investigation. Tragically, the incident has resulted in the deaths of two law enforcement officers—one deputy from the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and one officer from the Syracuse Police Department. Additionally, one civilian has been injured at the scene.

Currently, the suspect involved in the incident has been taken into custody. Law enforcement is now awaiting a search warrant to conduct a thorough search of the residence involved in the shooting.

Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of the fallen officers during this incredibly difficult time. We urge the community to stay safe and follow all directives from local authorities. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Update  4/15/2024 12:36 AM:

Sources reporting the suspect was also killed.

Update: 4/15/2024 4:15 PM

Updated Press Conference Report on Salina Officer Shooting

Key officials including Onondaga County Sheriff, Syracuse PD Chief Joseph Cecile, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, and County Executive Ryan McMahon have provided updated information on the tragic shooting incident in Salina.

Shooter and Victims Identified: The shooter, identified as 33-year-old Christopher Murphy, engaged in a confrontation that led to the deaths of SPD Officer Mike Jensen, who had been on the force for about two years, and Onondaga County Sheriff Deputy Hoosock, recently promoted to lieutenant and serving as watch commander and bomb squad commander since 2007.

Incident Timeline:

  • Around 7 PM Incident began with a grey Honda Civic, identified as suspicious by SPD officers.
  • Officers attempted to stop the vehicle; driver sped away at over 100 MPH.
  • Vehicle tracked to a home in the Salina area.
  • Officers, along with Sheriff's deputies, arrived at the home.
  • Upon arrival, officers heard suspect manipulating a gun, took cover.
  • Suspect fired, killing two officers before being fatally shot by police.
  • Lt. Hoosock was killed in the backyard after entering through a neighboring home; suspect then moved to the front to engage additional officers.
  • The community mourns the loss of their officers as investigations continue. Further updates will be shared as more information becomes available. Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of those affected.

During the Q&A session of the press conference, additional details emerged regarding the Salina shooting incident. Sheriff Toby Shelley confirmed the ongoing nature of the investigation, stating that the house and neighboring yards have now been secured as part of the crime scene. An additional suspect, identified as Shawn Kinsella, was taken into custody after attempting to escape through the backyard. Charges are pending against Kinsella.

Sheriff Shelley also detailed that the initial gunfire came from an open deck at the rear of the home, with the shooter using a Springfield AR15. Notably, Officer Hoosock, one of the fallen officers, not only served with the sheriff's office but was also a volunteer firefighter with Moyer's Corners Fire Department, highlighting his deep commitment to community service.

Chief of Police Joseph Cecile provided further context on the sequence of events leading up to the tragic shooting. The incident began when a suspicious vehicle, later linked to the shooter, was attempted to be stopped by police but fled. A handgun was visibly present inside the vehicle. It was also revealed that the suspect had a history with law enforcement, including a previous DWI arrest in 2014. These details paint a fuller picture of the circumstances surrounding this harrowing even

Officer Jensen's funeral procession on the way to the funeral home in Rome